Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sustainable Architecture, What is Cargo-Structure?

Sustainable Architecture

What are Cargo-Structures?

Building Cargo-Structures is a sustainable architectural building method that uses ISBU shipping containers at its building core.

ISBU-Shipping containers are made to international standards and come in a few different sizes but the most common are 20' and 40' units they are always 8ft wide and 9 to 91/2' (high cube) tall

ISBU containers are plentiful and stacked high in many shipping ports across the world.

It is estimated there are a couple million containers in American sea-ports alone due mostly to trade in-balances with China.

ISBU Containers are strongest mobile boxes in the world designed to take the harsh punishment of traveling on the Sea as well as being slammed and banged around in shipping yards of world sea-ports.

ISBU are a perfect building resource as they come in standard sizes and supply the walls, roof and floors.

Building with ISBU's:
  • Plentiful
  • No Limit to design
  • Recycled Materials
  • 40% less expensive to build than traditional building practices
  • Very Strong, Very quick t0 build
  • Mold, Flood & Fire resistant
  • Earth quake resistant
  • Earn L.E.E.D points

Cargo-Structure Designs are great for but not limited to:
  • Residential
  • Relief
  • Recreation
  • Urban Office
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
Some examples of Residential Designs:

Serving and Solving various social issues:

Container City incorporating Urban offices, low income rentals and Sports complex's revitalizes a neighborhood in England-video link

Sports Complex- England

Student Dorms-Denmark

Cargo-Structure Eco Living Systems

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