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Sil-Tri Bio Fuels

Welcome to Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc.

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc was conceived in 2006.

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. broke ground in early 2007 and has a name plate capacity of 19 million liters (5 Million Gallons) per year.

We produce B-100 from non edible and waste feed stocks.

We use batch processing technologies.

"We think we are the first Public Registered B-100 Biodiesel Pump in all of Southern Ontario." - We are Still Researching this.


We are located at 7 Port Side Dr. in Hamilton Ontario.
This was a strategic location picked for its high visibility and geographical location.

We have excellent advantages being beside two major highways with one being expanded to 4 lanes. We are housed next to Highway 20 and Highway 53.

We are half way between Buffalo USA and Toronto Canada as well.

Hamilton is Canada's 8th largest city being smack dab in the center of the golden horse-shoe(Canada's most densely populated area) and very close to Hamilton harbor Sea-Port.

Being in Canada's most densely populated area means closer to lots of feedstock opportunities (lots of restaurants and grease!! another plus)

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. is also collecting used vegetable oil and has a program in place.

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. has excellent local and international contacts with regards to industry suppliers, markets, consultants, & scientist alike.

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. sits on a 2.5 acre site in a light industrial zone close to two major highways. Highway 20 and Highway 53 we are 12 minutes from the sea port and 10 minutes from a major rail line.


Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. is a Multi-feed stock batch processing facility. Using Acid-Esterfication and traditional transesterfication methods Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc has the infrastructure in place to handle the processing of used vegetable oils with various grades of feed stocks and fluctuating MIU's.

Both Biodiesel processors are 316 S/S 10,000 Liter reactors with baffles, explosion proof mixers & Inconel insulated Jackets, with full vacuum design makes our processors safe, highly efficient with regards to heat and reaction times.

Both Reactors are hooked up to a thermal fluid heating system powered by a 150-hp Clayton boiler scalable to 200-hp this boiler is housed in a 20ft sea container. The boiler has enough power to add on much more accessories such as a distillation column which is already permitted.

Our Boiler is both natural gas & #2 diesel capable.

4 -13,000L settling tanks hooked up in series makes up our settling line.

1 - 2500Liter 316 s/s methoxide/esterfication tank is in place with an explosion proof mixer and mag-drive high volume pump.

Using a 45gpm 10,000 x's Gravity Alfa Laval Centrifuge we can clean feedstock and separate glycerin from biodiesel as well as clarifying and polishing the finished product.

In place are 2 - 80,000 liter horizontal tanks which are used for feed-stock& biodiesel storage

One 39,000 liter tanks is used for glycerin storage


Operating in a 6,000sqft new building measuring 120' x 50' x 20' high the facility is equipped with explosion proof office/lab, electrical room and bathroom there is ample room for more infrastructure with room left to operate safely and comfortably. There is ample room for growth and added infrastructure.

All equipment is hooked up independently to there own panels & breakers with complete 120v, 220v, 440v, 480v & 600v with 400amp access.

All lights are high efficient with explosion proof design.

The entire building is hooked up to methanol vapor sensors and have built in activation to activate exhaust fans and even shut down entire building in case of vapor build up or release.

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. has a name capacity of 19 million liters per year but if entire land is used to its fullest potential we have the ability to scale up to 60 million liters.

Sil-Tri Bio Fuels Inc. is fully permitted by the City of Hamilton by the Ministry of Environment of Ontario and has completed a Federal Environmental Assessment

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The Future of Biodiesel in Canada is interesting as Canada has a federal law in place Bill-C33 which had Royal Assent on June 26, 2008. Bill C-33 states that all diesel sold in Canada has to Contain a minimum of 2% biodiesel by 2012 and its only 15 months away!!!

Local Fleet testing completed

Lets keep you posted!!

please drop us a line if you have any questions or requests

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